How to join an Online Class using Microsoft TEAMS


You need:

  • Computer with good internet connection
  • Plug-in headset/microphone.

(A laptop camera is OK, but the laptop microphones are pretty bad)


Landing Webpage: (You are here now!)

Start by loading Microsoft TEAMS onto your computer.

Find your online class in the timetable here

Click the link to the TEAMS link page. Join Lesson (Teams)

For example: This is the link for Thurs night Maths:

(Actually all these links go to the same page!)


This takes you to the TEAMS link page.

Find the right class and then click the Online Class TEAMS link.

For Example: Join Thursday 5:30pm MEM30012A Maths TEAMS Meeting


There is a countdown clock - if you get there late you can still join even though the counter has reset for next week's session (6 days, 23 hours..)

If it doesn't open automatically, click "Open Microsoft Teams"

(The installed version of TEAMS is better than the browser version)

Teams will check your camera and microphone.

Mic is essential for talking to the teacher, and camera is really only essential for online exams. If your conection is slow, it helps to turn off your video camera.

Now click the Join Now button;

Log into TEAMS by using your full name.

(We use this session for the roll so please use your first and last name)


Video Instruction

If your microphone or camera is not working, try clicking the 3 dots in the top menu


Then select device settings. (More info in the Video Instruction link above)

To read or type in the chat, click the chat button

(More info in the Video Instruction link above)



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