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Nominal Hours: 36 | 9154 Dip/9163 Adv Dip: Electives (Group 2) | Competency Based |  Updated TL: May 2010

Assessment Task Schedules
Produce basic engineering graphics
Task Description and Link Exercises Assessment
(Tester  ID)
Due Week  Workload
1 Engineering Drawing Basics:  Sheet Setup, Drawing types, Lines, 
11301- 20 Y
2 Projections: Projections and section viewsOrtho Exercises
Ex13-20, 34,35
(Section Views)
11302- 20 Y
3Special Views: Orthographic: Section, auxiliary, removed, partial, detail. Pictorial: isometric, oblique, perspective.Ortho Exercises
Submit Drg-20Y
4Assembly drawing (with section view): Roller Bracket Assembly
Submit Drg -20
5CAD modelling project: Must include: manufactured parts, assembly drgs, parts list, organised file structure, logical assembly structure, sub-assemblies, create-in-place.Robot CAD Assembly
Submit Drg-20Y
- TOTAL - -- 100 -


MEM16006A Organise and communicate information
MEM16008A Interact with computing technology


Elements of Competency and Performance Criteria

1. Identify drawing requirements


All relevant job requirements and design specifications are obtained in accordance with workplace procedures.


Drawing requirements and specifications are identified and interpreted.

2. Prepare assembly, layout and general drawings in accordance with instructions


Drawings are prepared in plane orthogonal, isometric projection or equivalent including sections to Australian Standard 1100, as required.


Problems are resolved in consultation with a supervisor.

3. Draw sections through simple engineering components as required for clarity


Sections are drawn through an engineering component incorporating correct use of cutting plane(s) symbols and conventions.

4. Select physical dimensions from manufacturer handbooks


Where required, components and/or materials are selected from supplier/manufacturer catalogues using predetermined design specifications.

5. Prepare engineering parts list


An engineering parts list is produced in accordance with workplace procedures.

6. Issue or file completed drawing/parts list


Approved drawings and/or parts lists are stored, catalogued and issued in accordance with standard operating procedures.


Specifications May be obtained form design information, customer, ideas, concepts/expectations/requirements, sketches, preliminary layouts
DrawingsInclude plans, diagrams, charts
ConsultationMay include reference to appropriate personnel including technical supervisors, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, customers
Engineering parts listMay include part name, description of part, material specification or part number, quantities and other details as required
Issued drawingsHard copy, photographic, slide or transparency form including presentation as a single drawing and/or with other drawings, support documentation as a package

Knowledge and Skills 
Skills Look for evidence that confirms skills in:
  • correctly using and maintaining equipment including CAD
  • manual drafting, filing and printing
  • reading and interpreting specifications
  • communicating
  • visualising components
  • preparing a drawing in plane orthogonal, isometric projection or equivalent
Knowledge Look for evidence that confirms knowledge of: 
  • drafting media including cartridge paper, tracing paper, drafting film, plan printing paper
  • layout conventions
  • effective use of blank space, location of notes and symbols

Delivery Plan

1. Overview 

  • manual drafting equipment
  •  CAD equipmentdrawing sheets  

2. Line types 

  •  line thickness and density
  •  dimension lines
  •  leader Lines
  •  arrowheads
  •  lettering
  •  symbols 

3. Shape representation

  • orthographic
  •   selection of views: single, partial, auxiliary, removed
  •  three-dimensional (3D)
  •  axonometric projection (isometric preferred)
  •  oblique (general preferred)  

4. Aesthetic Use of Visual Space on Drawing 


  • layout conventionsuse of blank space
  •  positioning of drawing elements
  •  location of notes and symbols
  •  sectioning:  cutting planes, full, half, part, offset, oblique, revolved, removed, interposed, fasteners, shafts, webs

5.Overview of Graphical Techniques 

  • assembly drawings
  •  explosion drawings
  •  schematics/line drawings
  •  graphs
  •  pictorials 

6. Engineering parts list 

  • preparation
  •  symbols - material types

7. Completed drawing/parts list  

  • store
  •  catalogue
  •  ssue


Teaching and Learning Resources 

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Useful reference materials/learning resources are:

MEM05 TAFE NSW Unit Resource Manual for this unit of competency.
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