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Nominal Hours: 36 | 9154 Dip/9163 Adv Dip: Electives (Group 2) | Competency Based.      Updated TL: June, 2010
Assessment Tasks
Produce Detailed Engineering Drawings
Task Description and Link to Notes Exercises Assessment
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Due Week  Workload
1 Dimensioning.
11304 - 20 Y
2 Features: standard, fabricated, machined, cast and forged, threaded, welded. Structural details.
11305 - 20 Y
3 Tolerances: Overview. Shaft/Hole basis fits.  Surface finish. Geometric tolerances
11306 - 20 Y
4 Detailed Drawing Project    Submit Drgs - 40
- TOTAL - - - 100 -

MEM16006A Organise and communicate information
MEM16008A Interact with computing technology
MEM30001A Use computer aided drafting systems to produce basic engineering drawings

MEM30002A Produce basic engineering graphics

When you have completed this unit of competency you will have developed the knowledge and skills to prepare the CAD environment, produce a basic drawing, modify existing CAD drawings, produce final drawings and perform exit and shut-down procedures. 


Elements of Competency and Performance Criteria

1. Determine drawing requirements


Drawing requirements are checked and interpreted from work order or similar.


Required information is sourced from workshop manuals, customer specifications, product suppliers, designers or similar.


Scope of drawing including layout, additional required information and resources is planned.

2. Produce detail drawings in third angle projection, including auxiliary views, sections and assemblies


Drawing details including assembly and components are completed as per AS 1100 or similar.



Dimensions of various components are determined and inserted where required.



Appropriate symbols for limits and fits, surface texture and geometric tolerances are included.



Simple components or layouts are drawn in third angle projection.



An auxiliary view is drawn of a component, given two views.



Correct convention for parts is shown.

3. Issue and/or file drawing


Drawing is issued and/or filed according to workplace procedures.


Geometric tolerances Simple geometry tolerancing (no datum references, flatness, roundness etc.)Geometry tolerance with datum reference (e.g. parallel squareness)
Simple components or layouts May include fabricated components, machined components, cast and forged components, structural details, electrical electronic components, fluid power components
Parts Mechanical components such as fasteners, bearings, seals, gears, keys, splines etc. Electrical components such as cables, connectors, terminations etc. Fluid power components such as actuators, valves, hoses, connectors, relays etc.

Knowledge and Skills 
Skills Look for evidence that confirms skills in:
  • drawing
  • documenting
  • applying principles of geometric tolerances
  • identifying functional surfaces and datums on assembly drawings
  • producing detail drawings of machine components and dimension from datums  
Knowledge Look for evidence that confirms knowledge of:  
  •  projection
  •  auxiliary views, special attention
  •  detail drawings
  •  fabricated components
  •  machined components
  •  cast and forged components
  •  structural details
  •  threads fasteners – terminology
  •  drawing of threads
  •  methods
  •  projection lines
  •  arrangement
  •  general tolerancing
  •  limits and fits
  •  shaft and hole basis
  •  extremes of fit
  •  surface texture
  •  selection of standard roughness values for given processes
  •  application of surface finish symbols to drawings
  •  selection and application of equivalent surface roughness numbers
  •  geometric tolerancing
  •  simple geometry tolerancing (no datum references, flatness, roundness etc.)
  • geometry tolerance with datum reference (e.g. parallel squareness)

Delivery Plan

1. Drawing requirements 

  •  work order or similar
  •  workshop manuals, customer specifications, product suppliers, designers or similar
  •  scope of drawing:  layout, additional information, resources, drawing standards

2. Detail drawings

  •  assembly/components
  •  elements
  •  dimensions
  •  symbols, limits and fits, surface texture, geometric tolerances
  •  third angle projection
  •  auxiliary views
  •  conventions

3. Issue and/or file drawing

  •  workplace procedures
  •  file/retrieval 


Teaching and Learning Resources 

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Useful reference materials/learning resources are:

MEM05 TAFE NSW Unit Resource Manual for this unit of competency.
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