Adding Forces (Autocad)

Using Autocad to Add Forces (Crash Course)

Open Autocad 2009. (You may want to change to Autocad Classic)
Change to model space and make sure you have OBJECT SNAP, DYNAMIC INPUT (DYN)

Get information about any line...
Double click on a line to get properties.
The lowest 2 lines are relevant Length = magnitude,  and Angle = angle.
Delta X = Fx and Delta Y = Fy, which is also very handy.

You can also use this Properties Box (above) to change Linecolor, style etc. It is a good idea to make forces = red, construction = white, moment arm = green, and dimensions in another color again.
Set decimal places:
Format > Units >  (You may want to increase angle decimal places to 3, lines to 4, depending on your numbers)
Set Dimension decimal places: Format > Dimension Style > Modify > Primary Units ... (3 to 4 dec places depending on numbers)
Join lines together:  Use a fillet (round) of zero radius. You could also use a zero
chamfer (diagonal corner cut).
Toolbars: (In AutoCAD classic) Right click on the blank area around any toolbar (left/right side) > AutoCad > Select toolbars as required (e.g. Dimension, Modify, Draw, Standard etc).


Change Background color: Tools > Options > Display > Colors > (2D background, Uniform Background) Color > (Select a color)
Snap to Perpendicular etc: ShiftRightButton. This brings up the snap over-ride menu.