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Moodle Code Changes/Bugs by Tim Lovett


MDL-39714: Add shuffling option to unit multichoice display in numerical and calculated questiontypes

See discussion:


MDL-32217 Numerical unitgrading type parameter not correctly set on import.

I discovered this bug while importing calculated questions generated in my VB program through XML. The questions did not correctly import the <unitgradingtype> tag. Reported to Moodle forum (Quiz) on Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 11:06 AM.


PHP atan2(x,y) is in reverse order to Excel's atan2(x,y).

Editted the Moodle docs entry.


Corrected the Moodle docs entry for arc trigonometrical functions. (Was stated as input in radians, should be output in radians)


Wrote VB program to convert Tester quix text files to Moodle quiz XML format. Works for MChoice, Calculated Simple, Calcualted Synchronized, Numerical questions. Adds images, iframes to questions stem. Labels Tester ID and question number in stem. Generates randomized synchronized datasets with uniques labels. Generates pull-down units selected from all units used in the test.



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