Room: E1-10

Room E1.10 (Building E, Level 1, Room 15)

This is the main lecture room in Building E. Equipped with Smartboard projector, seating up to 40 students.

There are two doors to the same room. The main entry is labelled E1.15. This door requires a card reader access to exit, which is why it is often propped open during class.

The other door at the rear of the class is labelled E1.10. This second door is usually locked but allows exit from the inside (in case of emergency).


How to get there:

Enter the main door at ground floor Building E (the only entry), turn left and take stairs to level 1. At top of stairs continue straight ahead and enter through the glass doors of Computer Laboratory (see photo below). Once inside the computer lab, take second door on right.

Note: The rear door (Labelled E1.10) is the blue door on the right - which allows exit only.

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