Stop Press: Here's a great shortcut - Export a face direct from Inventor.

Click on face > Right button > Save face as... > dwg or dxf.

Making a Drawing from a 3D Model

1. Start a new drawing
File > New > Standard.idw

2. Get a base view of the solid model
(Drawing views panel) > Base view > Find the *.ipt file. > Open.
In the Orientation list select a view then move the mouse over the drawing page to check.
Keep selecting until you get the view you want (Usually fron or Right) > OK.

3. Project other views
(Drawing views panel) > Projected View.
Click the first (Base) view, then click to place the projected views (Top left etc). This gives boxes with no drawing.
When done... > Right Click > Create

4. Adjusting scale etc
Mouse-over on the Base View (gives the dotted red box around the view) > right click > Edit View...
You can change the scale, hidden lines, shading etc.


1. Place dimensions
(Drawing Annotation Panel) > General Dimension (Same as dimensions in sketch mode)

2. Modify Dimensions
Double-click the dimension text. Make your changes in the Edit Dimension dialog box.

Editing an Inventor Drawing in AutoCad

1. Save the Inventor drawing (idw) in AutoCad format (dwg)
2. In AutoCad, open the dwg file. It will look like this in Paper Space (click on Sheet tab)...

3. However, in model space the drawing is empty...

4. Insert > Block...

5. ...there should be a Block in the list,  something resembling the drawing...

6. The block inserted. You will need to explode the block. Now you are ready to edit, dimension etc. 

7. So... Now you want to offset this border? To offset all lines at once you will want to convert it to a polyline.
At command prompt (Command:) Type the BPOLY command. This will give the following...

... Click the "Pick Points" button (leave Island Detection=ON),
Then click anywhere INSIDE the boundary (AutoCad will look for any loop around this point)
Type Enter (or spacebar) to finish.
The border is now a Polyline! (If you want to go back to separate lines, just use the Explode button again...

Now you can offset button...
Type distance, then click which side you want to offset...

Now dimension this offset line as the toolpath (centreline of the CNC tool).
Inventor HELP
  • HELP > Learning tools > Tutorials > (Contents tab) > Preparing Final Drawings
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