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# Topic, Notes, Assignment % Assessment Format
1. Materials - Properties of steel 10 Multiple Choice Test #10105
2. Tensile, comp, shear stress & strain 10 M/C Tests #10301 and  #10302 
3. Bolted Joints, Welds 10 M/C Tests #10303 and  #10304
4. Coupling selection 10 Hand-in Assignment
5. V-Belt selection 10 Hand-in Assignment
6. Chain selection 10 Hand-in Assignment
7. Gear drives 10 Hand-in Assignment
8. Electric motor selection 10 Hand-in Assignment
Frame Design 20
Hand-in Assignment/CAD model


Overview of Content

1. Background: Identify different materials used in machine drive shafts. Select material alternatives for given conditions (for example - thermal, fatigue, corrosion, wear, life). Factor of Safety, material properties.

2. Tensile, shear, and bending strength: Apply standard formulas and specifications to determine machine drive shaft sizes for various power, deflection, torque and bending data.
Define problem / Produce design sketches / Evaluate forces and mode of application to design shaft (for example axial, shear, bending) / Apply standard formulas to strength and size analysis / Evaluate design, material, fatigue, stress raiser and other factors to determine best shaft design size.

3. Keys and pins: Fatigue, stress raisers and endurance: Apply standard formulas and standard (tabulated) component data to determine machine drive shaft sizes, key sizes, spline sizes and pin sizes.

4. Couplings: (Rigid): Determine shaft and coupler sizes / Choose appropriate rigid connection / Use Australian Standard dimensions and tolerances for pinned, keyed and rigid couplings.
Keys / Set screws / Pins / Flanged. (Flexible couplings): Universal, Direct flexible couplings

5. Belts: Selection. Assignment in the selection of appropriat drive alternatives for various conditions and applications including speed, loading, power, thermal, fatigue, corrosion, wear, life factors,etc

6. Chains: Selection

7. Gears: Spur, Helical, Bevel

8. Electric motors, reducers and prime movers: Select most appropriate prime mover for a specific application. Select speed reducer for range of applications from suppliers catalogues. Select electric drive motors for range of applications from suppliers catalogues. Analyse specifications for internal combustion engine for power drive application analysis. Compare advantages and disadvantages of various drives for various industrial applications.

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