Shalvey High 2017 - Engineering

Product design, manufacturing and marketing with year 10 students from Shalvey High School

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Engineering Group

Ideas for design + manufacture + marketing of product. An 8-week project run at Mt Druitt college of TAFE in 2017.

Some ideas included the Fidget spinner - the hand spinner that is all the rage through schools at the moment.

A standard design for a hand spinner


Design of variations to the Fidget spinner is done using INVENTOR software. Autocad can also be used.

The bearings are standard skateboard bearings: OD=22mm, ID=8mm and thickness=7mm.


Manufacture of the spinner is done using a 3D printer or a CNC router. Both use plastic.

3D Printer

CNC Router

+ Can print almost any shape

+ Easy to load directly from a 3D CAD model


+ Very accurate (e.g. perfect bearing fit)

+ High quality finish

+ Much faster for simple 2D shapes (1 minute)

+ Can be made in clear plastic (P/C, Acrylic)

- Not as accurate as CNC

- Not a good finish (rough looking)

- Very slow for production of parts (20 mins to 1 hour)

- Less reliable dimensions

- Design limitations - more for 2D than 3D

- Dependent on available raw materials


CAD models are done on a solid modeller (INVENTOR) CAD models are done on a wireframe modeller (AUTOCAD)

Both methods cost a similar amount in raw materials, but when time is included the 3D print can be quite a bit more costly.

Early Trials

The 3D printer was used to print the first 2 spinners.

A single bearing design.

A double bearing design.


CNC Routed Parts

The CNC router was used to make parts. Go to CNC Router page.

3D Printed Parts

The 3D Printer was used to make parts. Go to 3D Printer page.


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