Course Pathways

Start with Certificate, then do Diploma, then Advanced Diploma. You can stop at any point, or you can stay with the pack to follow an accredited pathway - culminating in the Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Mechanical or Mechatronic) to be recognised by Engineers Australia.

Learning Blocks*

Subjects are built up in blocks*, where each block is a bite-sized event. Practice each block, pass it, move on to build qualifications as high as Advanced Diploma in Engineering. Do it once, do it well.

Practice makes perfect

Practice each interactive test until you are sure you can pass them. No more hoping for a pass at the final exam - this system tells you exactly what they need to know, and helps you get there.

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State-of-the-art assessment

Computer-based assessments closely aligned with the practice tests. Utilizing the lastest features of Moodle quiz combined with rich images, even the tests can be a place to learn.

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Build something...

Students begin the IET Robot Challenge from their first day on the CAD program. Not only do they learn Inventor and make parts on CNC machines, but they gain experience with sensors and microprocessor control.

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Build something more serious...

Advanced Diploma students undertake industrial projects of all shapes and sizes. Some involve advanced feedback and control systems such as this two wheel balancing robot. Others projects become part of a manufacturing line.

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Semester 1 2021: Mechanical Engineering classes will start as online. See timetable below. See information here.

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Mt Druitt Mech Timetable 2021 (Sem1)

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2018 Drafting Sem2 (pdf)


2018 Drafting Timetable (pdf)

2017-Sem2-Rev 4: Weeks 5-18

2017-Sem1-Rev 3: Weeks 2-18 (6 Feb - 16 Jun)

2016-Sem2-Rev 8: Weeks 3-18 (25 July - 9 Dec)

2016-Sem1-Rev 8: 11 Feb 2016


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Engineering success...

Achieving engineering competence is a serious undertaking, but success can be a lot more achievable with the right tools.


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I went for a promotion, but the interview turned out to be a cross-examination on engineering. Each question they asked was exactly what I had studied in this course. I had the answers and I got the job.

Ted - Product Manager

Thanks Tim, I appreciate all the help you've given over the last 6 months. You're teaching method is hands down the best I have experienced at a tertiary level. Thanks again.

Doug Ansell - Engineering Degree Student

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