Practice makes perfect

Practice each interactive test until you are sure you can pass them. No more hoping for a pass at the final exam - this system tells the student exactly what they need to know, and helps them get there.

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State-of-the-art assessment

Computer-based assessments closely aligned with the practice tests. Utilizing the lastest features of Moodle quiz combined with rich images, even the tests can be a place to learn.

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Build something...

Students begin the IET Robot Challenge from their first day on the CAD program. Not only do they learn Inventor and make parts on CNC machines, but they gain experience with sensors and microprocessor control.

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Build something more serious...

Advanced Diploma students undertake industrial projects of all shapes and sizes. Some involve advanced feedback and control systems such as this two wheel balancing robot. Others projects become part of a manufacturing line.

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Online practice tests with instant feedback

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How it works

iTester is a free application (VisualBasic) that collects the questions and graphics online. Numerical questions are changed and re-calculated every time the practice test is run.

The program will run directly in Internet Explorer, other browsers may ask you to save it and run from your computer.

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  • Extensive question bank on each topic
  • Instant feedback
  • Wide range of question types
  • Unlimited practice runs
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